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About Yakov Feygin

Yakov Feygin is Associate Director of the Future of Captialism Program at the Berggruen Institute. He holds a Ph.D in history from the University of Pennsylvania and has held fellowships at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. His book, Building a Ruin: The Cold War Politics of Soviet Economic Reform, is under contract with Harvard University Press.

Dreaming of a “New Planning”: Development and the Internationalization of Economic Thought in Late Soviet Reformist Politics

Abstract: This paper argues that the trajectory of late-Soviet economic thought must be understood in the context of a larger global discourse on the proper role of state planning in the context of development. This debate was born out of a disappointment with the development planning that had dominated prescriptions of economists and policy entrepreneurs on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Faced with the failures of economic development in the “Third World” and a socio-economic crisis in “industrial societies” these intellectuals attempted to invent Continue reading → Continue reading →