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Tareq E. Baconi is a visiting fellow at Columbia University’s Middle East Institute. He works on the contemporary geopolitics of the Middle East, Israel-Palestine, and Islamic movements. His book Hamas: the Politics of Resistance is forthcoming with Stanford University Press (2018). Tareq completed his doctorate in International Relations at King’s College London alongside a career as a consultant in the energy sector. He has an M.Phil. in international relations from the University of Cambridge and an M.Eng. in chemical engineering from Imperial College London.

Politicizing Resistance: The Transformative Impact of the Second Intifada on Hamas’s Resistance Strategy, 2000–2006

What does transformative occupation look like from the vantage point of the colonized? This essay explores modalities of resistance to occupation: how local indigenous actors engaged in a liberation struggle navigate, respond, and adapt to the structural realities of indefinite occupation. By reconstructing the resistance discourse of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas during the Second Palestinian Intifada, this essay demonstrates the manner in which the movement’s resistance strategy came to encompass a political dimension. It argues that Hamas’s political engagement was not a transition Continue reading → Continue reading →