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About Sangeeta Ray

Sangeeta Ray is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently President of the American Comparative Literature Association. She has published widely and is the author of two books, an anthology, and is the general editor of The Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies. Her new book Form Fitted is forthcoming.

Captivating Genres

This essay is part of a symposium on Yogita Goyal’s Runaway Genres. All contributions to the symposium can be found here. In his now classic essay published in NLH in 1976, “The Origin of Genres,” Tzvetan Todorov famously articulated the following: “It is because genres exist as an institution that they function as ‘horizons of expectation’ for readers, and as ‘models of writing’ for authors.” He goes on to argue that “Genres communicate with the society in which they flourish by means of institutionalization,” and Continue reading →