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About Samuel Dinger

Samuel Dinger is a PhD candidate in Sociology at New York University. His dissertation research follows the everyday lives of a group of young Syrian men from the urban outskirts of Damascus as they work to build and sustain lives in Lebanon’s central Beqaa valley. He uses ethnographic methods and life-history interviews to explore how forced migration and exile reconfigure their gendered definitions of self and morality, experiences of agency, and orientations towards the future.

Coordinating Care and Coercion: Styles of Sovereignty and the Politics of Humanitarian Aid in Lebanon

Abstract: This article explores how participatory planning on the Syrian refugee response in Lebanon has transformed the localized relationship between humanitarian care and state coercion. I argue that the Lebanese Crisis Response Plan (LCRP) has yielded a form of practical coordination between state and humanitarian actors that unintentionally increases the vulnerability of the country’s Syrian population. As the Lebanese government uses legal means to crack down on and re-displace impoverished refugees––most notably through mass evictions and business closures that began in 2017––they generate repeated small Continue reading → Continue reading →