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Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes is a Colombian Lawyer with a Ph. D. in Political Economy. Currently, he is senior researcher of the Center of Studies on Law, Justice and Development "Dejusticia'' and professor at the Department of Law at the Universidad Nacional, in Bogotá. He is also member of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the United Nations and of the International Commission of Jurists. He was deputy justice of Colombian Constitutional Court. He is author of numerous books and articles on human rights, constitutional law, judicial system and transitional justice.

Inequality, Human Rights, and Social Rights: Tensions and Complementarities

Abstract: Economic inequality is increasingly recognized as one of the main problems of our time. But what human rights have to say about it? Are human rights effective tools for tackling inequality, as human rights practitioners have argued, or are they powerless and inadequate tools to challenge inequality in the age of neoliberalism, as stated recently by Yale’s professor Samuel Moyn? This article examines the complex relations between economic inequality and human rights, especially economic and social rights (ESR), by exploring the arguments behind these Continue reading → Continue reading →