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About Ria Kapoor

Ria Kapoor is a teaching fellow in South Asian History at the University of Leeds. Her work focuses on refugees, rights, and the global south, with a doctoral dissertation focusing on India’s conception of the refugee regime. Besides completing work on a book based on her previous research, she is beginning a new project on the worldwide impact of the Ugandan Asian Expulsion of 1972. She is also an editorial fellow with History Workshop Online.

Removing the International from the Refugee: India in the 1940s

Abstract: This essay explores the reasons why India’s leaders removed it from UNRRA, and refused to join the IRO, even before the refugees of the Partition of India and Pakistan were excluded from the definitions of the 1951 UN Convention on the Status of Refugees. As the world transitioned from war to a new peace in the 1940s, India passed the 1946 Foreigners Act, which dealt with all aliens including refugees in India. This essay places an Indian understanding of refugees within global currents of Continue reading → Continue reading →