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About Paul Morrow

Paul Morrow is a postdoctoral scholar in the program in political philosophy, policy and law at the University of Virginia. His current book project focuses on the role of norms in explaining, and preventing, large-scale crimes. His articles have appeared in Social Theory and Practice, Genocide Studies and Prevention, and the Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement to Philosophy.

A Theory of Atrocity Propaganda

Abstract: This essay offers a theory of atrocity propaganda and surveys strategies for countering it. I first review examples of atrocity propaganda disseminated before, during, and after WWI. I then explain how the linguistic tactic of persuasive definition makes it difficult to confirm, or rebut, reports of atrocities. Although both International Criminal Law and International Human Rights Law restrict willfully false stories of enemy misdeeds, these restrictions don’t solve the core problem of distinguishing legitimate and illegitimate reports of atrocities. The essay concludes by outlining Continue reading → Continue reading →