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About Olivier Remaud

Associate professor at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris and the head of the Centre d'études sociologiques et politiques Raymond Aron. His publications include Si loin, si proche: Essai sur le point de vue cosmopolitique (Seuil, forthcoming); the co-edited Faire des sciences sociales: Critiquer/généraliser/comparer (EHESS, 2012); War and Peace: The Role of Science and Art (Duncker and Humblot, 2010), with Soraya Nour; and Civilisations: Retour sur les mots et les idées (Springer, 2008), with Chryssanthi Avlami. His Les Archives de l'humanité: Essai sur la philosophie de Vico (Seuil, 2004) won the 2005 Francois Furet Book Prize. His research has also been recognized by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


Today, cosmopolitanism sometimes means one thing and sometimes the opposite. Remaud distinguishes between three antinomies in contemporary debates: the antinomy of independence, the antinomy of solidarity, and the antinomy of circulation. Remaud's thesis is that cosmopolitanism distinguishes a relationship to humanity that starts with its concrete images, its dramaturgical codes, and with the practical margins of maneuver that stem from an overwhelming or transient sentiment of distanciation from the world. Continue reading →