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About Natasha Wheatley

Natasha Wheatley, an assistant professor in the Department of History at Princeton University, is writing a book about sovereignty in Central Europe. Her article, “Spectral Legal Personality in Interwar International Law: On New Ways of Not Being a State” appeared this year in Law and History Review.

Letter from Lviv: On place and the history of international law

My trip to Lviv/Lwów/Lemberg did not begin smoothly. I flew overnight from New York to Frankfurt, and from there to Vienna; boarding the third and last flight from Vienna to Lviv on Thursday afternoon, the computer beeped at my boarding pass. “Australians need a visa.” “I know; we buy it at the airport.” Not at Lviv airport, it turns out. Kiev? Sure. Or Odessa – no problem. But not Lviv. The security official remained unmoved by the fact that I had to give a conference Continue reading →