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About Moritz Feichtinger

Research fellow and Ph.D. student at the University of Bern. He is currently working on his dissertation, titled "New Villages: Forced Relocation, Social Engineering and Counterinsurgency," which deals with forced resettlement in Kenya, Algeria, and South Vietnam in the 1950s and 1960s. He has published several articles on late-colonial counterinsurgency.

Transformative Invasions: Western Post-9/11 Counterinsurgency and the Lessons of Colonialism

During the 1950s, European colonial powers invented new types of warfare, combining military violence, social engineering, and forced “modernization” in the so-called battles for hearts and minds. Feichtinger and Malinowski explore the rediscovery of such techniques, and the subsequent emergence of refined and partly tamed versions of counterinsurgency warfare, in Afghanistan and Iraq during the last decade. The systematic application of anthropological knowledge, a new type of “warrior intellectual” among military leaders, and the representation of war as a necessarily armed form of developmental aid and way to enforce human rights represent a remarkably open appropriation of large parts of Europe’s violent late-colonial heritage.