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Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo is Associate Professor of History at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. His research interests focus on the comparative and connected histories of imperialism, colonialism, and internationalism (nineteenth–twentieth centuries). Among other publications, he authored The “Civilizing Mission” of Portuguese Colonialism (c.1870–1930) (2015) and co-edited Internationalism, Imperialism and the Formation of the Contemporary World (2017), Resistance and Colonialism: Insurgent Peoples in World History (2017), and Education and Development in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa (2020). He coordinates the research project “The worlds of (under)development: processes and legacies of the Portuguese colonial empire in a comparative perspective (1945–1975),” funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

“Colonialism on trial”: International and Transnational Organizations and the “Global South” Challenges to the Portuguese Empire (1949–1962)

Abstract: The United Nations was a dynamic “force field” for international and transnational cooperation and a forum for consequential, transformative interactions between the “West” and the “Global South.” This article focuses on the role played by alliances and solidarity networks, formed by a plurality of actors with diverse agendas, that systematically questioned the Portuguese empire-state’s legitimacy and mobilized the languages of self-determination, human rights, and non-discrimination. As the article concludes, these historical dynamics concurred for important legal and political changes within the Portuguese imperial formation Continue reading → Continue reading →