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is assistant professor of history and director of global studies at Loyola University Maryland. His first book, The Political Economy of the World Bank: The Early Years(Stanford University Press, 2009), was translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Arabic. He is also the author of a textbook on the history of economic thought and of articles that have been published in Journal of Global History, History of Political Economy, Rivista di Storia Economica, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, among others. Before moving to Loyola University, he was the associate director for research activities at the Heyman Center for the Humanities, Columbia University (2011–14) and was a research scholar at Harvard University (2010–11), Columbia University (2009–10), and the World Bank (2006–8).

Albert Hirschman and the Social Sciences: A Memorial Roundtable

Introduction Michele Alacevich Albert O. Hirschman died on December 10, 2012, after a long, eventful, and at times truly adventurous life. Born in 1915 Berlin as Otto Albert Hirschmann, he belonged to the last generation of upper-crust, assimilated Jews in democratic interwar Germany. As a young social democrat, he observed with increasing concern the polarization of the political life in postwar Germany before the collapse of the Weimar Republic. When Adolf Hitler seized power in 1933, seventeen-year-old Hirschman went to Paris and did not return Continue reading →