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About Michal Heiman

Michal Heiman is an artist, curator, theoretician, and creator of the Michal Heiman Tests No. 1–4 (M.H.T.s). She is the founder of the Photographer Unknown archive (1984). Her enactment and installation works, photography and film series, and her lectures/performances are deeply rooted in the political, familial, and social arenas. She teaches at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. In 2015, she founded the Women in Academia Organization to protect and advance women's equality in the academy. Her project Return/Asylum: A New Community of Women, 1855–2019 is to be exhibited in Washington, D.C., and Los Angles during 2019–2020.

A New Community of Women 1855–2019

[Ed. note] In 2012, the Israeli artist Michal Heiman came across Hugh Welch Diamond’s photograph (ca. 1855) of a patient at the Surrey County Lunatic Asylum in England, and amongst the photographs, found herself looking at a picture of her younger self. This encounter led Heiman to start a photography project looking at the conditions of possibilities for “return”, asking how are our imaginative practices bound up with the process of political recognition. As Sharon Sliwinski asks in her essay included in this issue: “Is Continue reading → Continue reading →