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About Margaret MacDonald

Margaret MacDonald is associate professor of anthropology at York University. Her first book, At Work in the Field of Birth (Vanderbilt, 2007) is a cultural account of the body, technology, and the meaning of choice in midwifery in Canada in the wake of its historic transition from a marginal grassroots social movement to a regulated health profession. Her current ethnographic research explores connections between global maternal health policy and local sites of practice in Senegal, questioning received wisdom about technology, tradition, and human rights.

The Image World of Maternal Mortality: Visual Economies of Hope and Aspiration in the Global Campaigns to Reduce Maternal Mortality

Abstract: This essay explores the aesthetic and narrative conventions of the still and moving images deployed in global campaigns to reduce maternal mortality since the 1980s.  I focus on how an international community of advocates, policy makers, and practitioners choose, understand, and use images to create awareness, rouse public sympathy and interest, and call people to action on this issue. I argue that the global maternal health community has constructed an “image world” not of suffering but of hope and aspiration by which they hope Continue reading → Continue reading →