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Louis Lillywhite is a Senior Consulting Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). Previously the Surgeon-General of the UK Armed Forces, he now works in global health. He was a member of the post 2016 Ebola WHO Committee, which reviewed the International Health Regulations and developed the Global Health Track (now Human Security) at the Munich Security Conference. He has written on health service provision by Non-State Armed Groups, the impact of weapons on civilian deaths in the Syrian conflict, attacks on healthcare and civilian-military relations; and, for WHO, has been researching the role of the military in pandemic preparedness.

“Like a Yam Between Two Stones”: Remembering Healthcare at War in Nepal (1996–2006)

Abstract The Nepal civil war (1996-2006) opposed a rural Maoist insurrection and a succession of monarchical regimes and governments. Despite a shift in perception of the conflict post 9/11, the conflict remained largely internal to Nepal with limited international involvement. Over that same period, health indicators in most domains recorded significant improvements including in the areas most affected by the conflict. Building on human rights datasets of violent incidents and systematic oral history in three regions affected to varying degrees by the conflict, this article Continue reading → Continue reading →