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About Lauri Tähtinen

Lauri Tähtinen is lecturer on history and literature at Harvard University and an Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher with the Erik Castrén Institute for International Law and Human Rights, University of Helsinki. His interests lie in the long history of globalization and related questions of justice, and his work has been published in History of European Ideas, among other venues. Currently, Tähtinen is editing a volume on the longue durée of Nordic engagement within the Atlantic world as well as preparing a monograph on Brazil's intellectual history.

Will Myrdal’s America Show Up?

Varning för fredsoptimism Gunnar Myrdal Stockholm: Albert Bonniers Förlag, 1944 In the summer of 1945, Gunnar Myrdal’s “war work” seemed finally complete. Following the Allied victory in Europe, Europa Verlag Zürich printed Warnung vor Friedensoptimismus, a translation from the May 1944 Swedish original Varning för fredsoptimism (Warning against peace optimism).1 Myrdal himself would later use the phrase “my war work” to refer to his much more famous publication of the same year, An American Dilemma, his mammoth examination of America’s race relations framed “in terms Continue reading → Continue reading →