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Kojo Koram is Lecturer at Birkbeck College, School of Law, University of London. He is the editor of The War on Drugs and the Global Colour Line (Pluto 2019), a transnational collection of essays examining the racial dynamics of drug prohibition. His latest book, Uncommon Wealth: Britain and the Aftermath of Empire (John Murray 2022), traces the relationship between the end of the British empire and current crises of late-stage capitalism.

Drug Prohibition and the Policing of Warfare: The War on Drugs, Globalization, and the Moralization of Perpetual Violence

Abstract: This article examines the shifting dynamics between policing and warfare as reflected in the War on Drugs over the twentieth century. Despite the UN’s international drug control treaties being written in language of humanitarianism, the drug prohibition that emerged from these laws exemplifies the growth of “New War.” The drug war, with its violent methods of armed combat, lethal force, incarceration, asset seizure, and land dispossession, was a continuation of familiar warfare. But it also marks a shift away from the traditional structure of Continue reading → Continue reading →