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About Julia Dehm

Julia Dehm is a Lecturer at the La Trobe Law School, Melbourne, Australia. Prior to starting at La Trobe, Julia was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice at the University of Texas in Austin and a Resident Fellow at the Harvard Law School's Institute for Global Law and Policy. Her research addresses international climate change law and regulation, the governance of natural resources as well as human rights. She is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment and she holds a BA, LLB (Hons), and PhD from the University of Melbourne.

Introduction: Human Rights and Economic Inequality

Abstract: The introduction situates this dossier on “Human Rights and Inequality” within broader scholarly and policy debates about the relationship between human rights and economic inequality, specifically about the extent to which human rights do, can, or should attend to economic inequality. It draws out the key arguments of each of the contributions and puts them in conversation with one another by describing the different strands and traditions of human rights scholarship and practice with which the various authors engage. Along the way, the introduction Continue reading → Continue reading →

Righting Inequality: Human Rights Responses to Economic Inequality in the United Nations

Abstract: This essay examines how UN human rights bodies engaged with the problem of economic inequality at different historical moments. It considers how the question of economic inequality was taken up in three different periods: in the period of human rights standard setting and implementation (1945-1968); during a period of global contestation and demands for a New International Economic Order (1968-1989); and finally during a period of growing neoliberal hegemony (1990-present). It suggests that considering the ways in which institutional debates within the UN have Continue reading → Continue reading →