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Jo Guldi is Associate Professor of the History of Britain and its Empire at Southern Methodist University, a Fellow of the Center for Creative Computing there, and PI of a $1 million NSF grant about property ownership entitled "The Unaffordable World.'' She is also the former holder of the Hans Rothfels chair at Brown University, a former fellow of the Harvard Society of Fellows, author of Roads to Power (Harvard 2012) and co-author, with David Armitage, of The History Manifesto (Cambridge 2014).

World Neoliberalism as Rebellion From Below?: British Squatters and the Global Interpretation of Poverty, 1946–1974

Abstract: This article considers connections between British anarchist theorists of squatting who emerged from the postwar housing crisis and World Bank experiments with titling squatters in the third world. It demonstrates that theorists of squatting such as Colin Ward and John F. C. Turner advocated for the ingenuity and intention of squatters in ways that resonated later with free-market thinkers, even while London’s squatters pushed an extended right to occupation that required the expansion of the state. By the 1970s, while British students squatted in Continue reading → Continue reading →