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is associate professor of sociology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She works at the intersection of global political economy and development studies. She is the editor of Frontiers of Commodity Chains Research(Stanford, 2009) and co-editor of Workers’ Rights and Labor Compliance in Global Supply Chains: Is a Social Label the Answer?(Routledge, 2013). Her journal publications include articles in the Social Problems, World Development, Global Networks, Economy and Society, and Signs. She is currently studying how and why network approaches to development, such as the Global Value Chains Framework, have diffused so widely in recent years among international financial institutions and regional development agencies.

Corporations at the United Nations: Echoes of the New International Economic Order?

During the 1970s, a coalition of developing countries known as the G-77 launched a far-reaching effort at the United Nations to realize a New International Economic Order (NIEO). At its core, the NIEO was a plan to transform what was, from the perspective of this coalition, a profoundly inequitable international economy biased against the global south. This program of structural reform and global redistribution was presented as a precondition for meaningful development in the Third World but also as a natural and necessary extension of Continue reading → Continue reading →