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Isaac Nakhimovsky is assistant professor of history and humanities at Yale University. His first book, The Closed Commercial State: Perpetual Peace and Commercial Society from Rousseau to Fichte (Princeton, 2011), examined the legacy of eighteenth-century hopes of bringing about the moral transformation of economic relations. He has also collaborated on a new edition of Johann Gottlieb Fichte's Addresses to the German Nation (Hackett, 2013), long considered a key text in the history of nationalism. He is currently working on an intellectual history of the post-Napoleonic order and its enduring significance.

An International Dilemma: The Postwar Utopianism of Gunnar Myrdal’s Beyond the Welfare State

Beyond the Welfare State: Economic Planning and Its International Implications Gunnar Myrdal New Haven: Yale University Press, 1960 Gunnar Myrdal’s Beyond the Welfare State appeared in 1960, two years after he delivered the Storrs Lectures on “Economic Planning in the Western Countries” at Yale Law School. Myrdal had become widely known in the United States as the author of An American Dilemma (1944), which had been cited in the landmark 1954 desegregation case Brown v. Board of Education.1 Where An American Dilemma sought to show Continue reading → Continue reading →