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About Heath Cabot

Heath Cabot is associate professor of anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research has focused on displacement, legal advocacy and exclusion, belonging and citizenship, and, more recently, health and healing. She is author of On the Doorstep of Europe: Asylum and Citizenship in Greece (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014) and is currently completing a second monograph on grassroots healthcare activism in Greece.

Deexceptionalizing Displacement: An Introduction

Abstract: Displacement is often framed as exceptional to a presumed norm of national sedentism. However, displacement can be seen as an increasingly ubiquitous experience, deriving from conditions that throw into question the sustainability and flourishing of lives and accompanying experiences of struggle and uncertainty. Historically deep forms of dislocation and contemporary global projects of accumulation by dispossession structure how displacement is experienced by diverse populations—including many with the privilege of citizenship. This article argues for a more expansive utility of the framework of displacement (thus Continue reading → Continue reading →