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About Hadji Bakara

Hadji Bakara is an assistant professor of English and Human Rights at the University of Michigan. He is completing his first book, Governments of the Tongue: A Literary History of Human Rights, and is at work on a second, tentatively titled “Refugee Futures: A Political Theory of Time.”

Unsentimental Globalism

This essay is part of a symposium on Yogita Goyal’s Runaway Genres. All contributions to the symposium can be found here. Every great book has its shadow books. Sometimes we sense them as the submerged iceberg of all the research that stands behind but does not get integrated into the text at hand; sometimes they linger like a specter of paths-not-taken in the book’s long gestation; and sometimes they are the imaginary book that we begin to conceptualize under the tutelage of the book we Continue reading →