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About Greg Girard

is a Canadian photographer who has spent much of his career in Asia, recording the physical and social transformations in some of its largest cities. His first book, City of Darkness: Life in Kowloon Walled City (Watermark, 1993), co-authored with Ian Lambot, documents the final years of the Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. His second book, Phantom Shanghai (Magenta, 2007), examines the homes, buildings, streets, and neighborhoods unlikely to survive Shanghai’s vision of its own future. More recent titles include Hanoi Calling (Magenta, 2010) and In the Near Distance (Kominek, 2010), a collection of early work made on both sides of the Pacific.

Interview with Greg Girard

Jeffrey Wasserstrom: How do you see your Phantom Shanghai fitting in with—or perhaps challenging—the sketch I’ve offered in this issue of the city moving from one defined more by juxtapositions of cultures to one in which juxtapositions of eras is as important?1 I’ve left some important things out, of course, such as juxtapositions of classes, something that is related to both of the other sorts of juxtaposition. Greg Girard: Shanghai’s past as a city run by Westerners continues to fascinate Westerners and others, and there Continue reading → Continue reading →