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Graham MacPhee is Professor of English at West Chester University. He is the author of Postwar British Literature and Postcolonial Studies (Edinburgh University Press, 2011) and The Architecture of the Visible (Bloomsbury, 2002), and co-editor with Prem Poddar of Empire and After: Englishness in Postcolonial Perspective (Berghahn, 2007). He co-edited a special issue of the journal College Literature with Angela Naimou on “The Banalization of War” (2016) and edited another on “Arendt, Politics, and Culture” (2011).

Outside In: Refugees and Arendt’s Agonistic Polity

This post is part of a symposium on Lyndsey Stonebridge’s Placeless People. All contributions to the symposium can be found here. Although inequality continues to skyrocket in the United States—whether in income, wealth, education, or healthcare outcomes—and the much-heralded revitalization of national infrastructure has yet to materialize, the current administration has placed its electoral wager on a loud and very public demand for $12.2 billion to extend the border wall with Mexico under the pretext of a national emergency.[1] While such a wall would not Continue reading →