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is FIRB Lecturer in International History at the University of Padua. He coordinates the Italian FIRB Research Project “Engines of Growth.” His most recent book is After Empires: European Integration, Decolonization and the Challenge from the Global South 1957-1986(Oxford, 2012). He is now working on a new project entitled OPEC: Empires, States, and Capital in the History of Oil.

From Boumedienomics to Reaganomics: Algeria, OPEC, and the International Struggle for Economic Equality

In the first satellite pictures taken from the Apollo 17 in 1972, Earth was shown as a weightless sphere covered in clouds and unified by the blue oceans. The picture came with an important message, appearing as it did in the same year as the Club of Rome Limits of Growth report: humanity had common interests and these interests lay in the need to preserve the limited natural resources of the planet from the danger of overexploitation and overpopulation. An even more important image of the Earth Continue reading → Continue reading →