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Francesca Trivellato is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of History at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. Her latest book is The Promise and Peril of Credit: What a Forgotten Legend about Jews and Finance Tells us about the Making of European Commercial Society (Princeton, 2019). She is a co-founder and editor of Capitalism: A Journal of History and Economics, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.

The Moral Economies of Early Modern Europe

Abstract: Scholars as diverse as E. P. Thompson and Thomas Piketty posit a clear break between pre-industrial, status-based economies and modern, contract-based capitalism. This essay revisits this standard account of the transition from feudalism to capitalism by focusing on a central and yet rarely discussed tenet of economic justice in early modern Europe: the need to balance individuals’ contractual freedom with the privileges assigned to different groups in any hierarchical society of status. In so doing, it reconstructs the pre-history of contemporary debates about the Continue reading → Continue reading →