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is assistant professor of history at Fordham University. He has written articles on the history of U.S. foreign relations, decolonization, and oil in Itinerario, Diplomacy & Statecraft, the International History Review, and CounterPunch. His first book manuscript is a transnational history of anti-colonial legal and economic thought from the early postwar era to the 1970s. It examines how subaltern elites from the oil-producing nations sought to rectify historical economic injustices through an intellectual and political program that emphasized state rights in international society.

Mossadegh Madness: Oil and Sovereignty in the Anticolonial Community

The emerging literature on the New International Economic Order (NIEO) has the spare conventions of a new topic in contemporary history. The narrative typically begins by identifying its origins as a historical intermingling of national and international, political and economic, and social and cultural factors. A sketch beginning at some point in the twentieth century follows, delving into some combination of these elements, their tensions sometimes fecund but, most likely, ultimately harmful. Then the story flows on in a more or less chronological fashion, finally Continue reading → Continue reading →