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Bram J. Jansen is assistant professor of disaster studies at the Sociology of Development and Change group at Wageningen University (the Netherlands), where he lectures and writes on humanitarian and refugee issues. He conducted ethnographic fieldwork in East Africa and the Horn of Africa, mostly in Kenya, where he wrote a doctoral dissertation on the urbanization of protracted refugee camps, titled The Accidental City: Violence, Economy and Humanitarianism in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya (2011), and more recently in South Sudan, where he studied humanitarian governance and the negotiation of insecurity.

The Refugee Camp as Warscape: Violent Cosmologies, “Rebelization,” and Humanitarian Governance in Kakuma, Kenya

Introduction Refugee camps and violence do not go well together, yet they are closely related. By intention, the camp is a place isolated from the violence of homeland wars. It is a separation: a controlled and politics-free space apart from both the homeland and the host country. This externalization is problematic. Instead of perceiving of violence as something exceptional to the camp, I argue that it should be understood as an essential aspect in its organization. In this essay I approach the refugee camp as Continue reading → Continue reading →