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Benjamin Thomas White teaches history at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. A Middle East historian by background, he now teaches the history of refugees in the world since the late nineteenth century. His first book, The Emergence of Minorities in the Middle East: the Politics of Community in French Mandate Syria, was published by Edinburgh University Press in 2011. His article "Refugees and the definition of Syria, 1920–1939,'' published by Past and Present (May 2017), won the Khayrallah Prize in Migration Studies and the article prize of the Syrian Studies Association.

A Grudging Rescue: France, the Armenians of Cilicia, and the History of Humanitarian Evacuations

Abstract: Humanitarian evacuation is today a well-known practice, but as an articulated policy it only dates back to the evacuation from Macedonia of Kosovo Albanian refugees in 1999. This article investigates a much earlier example, the evacuation of Armenians from Cilicia (now in southern Turkey) by France in 1921. It shows how the evacuation of entire populations over long distances became thinkable, in an age of mass displacement and emerging humanitarian consciousness, and practicable, as military logistics were applied to humanitarian crises. It analyzes the Continue reading → Continue reading →