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About Atef Said

Atef Said is a visiting assistant professor of sociology at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He practiced human rights law in Egypt from 1995 to 2004. His current book in progress is entitled The Tahrir Effect: Protest, Revolution, and Counterrevolution in Contemporary Egypt. He has published articles in Social Research and International Sociology, and has written for U.S. Amnesty Magazine, the ‘‘Immanent Frame’’ blog of the Social Science Research Council, and Jadaliyya.

The Cry for Human Rights: Violence, Transition, and the Egyptian Revolution

In January 2011, Egypt and, indeed, the world witnessed something immense and unprecedented: millions of people from every sector of society took to the streets to overthrow their dictator. As known scholars and activists involved and interested in Egyptian politics, both authors of this essay were approached to comment on the momentous events and/or speak about them at public forums. Various media outlets sought out Atef Said, an Egyptian human rights lawyer and sociologist living in the area. The questions they asked, however, were disconcerting Continue reading → Continue reading →