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Antony Anghie is Professor of Law at the National University of Singapore and the S.J.Quinney School of Law, University of Utah. His research interests include the history and theory of international law, international economic law and globalization, and human rights. He is a member of the TWAIL network of scholars.

Inequality, Human Rights, and the New International Economic Order

Abstract: Redressing global inequality was one of the key concerns of the Third World campaign to create a New International Economic Order (NIEO). However, human rights played no role in the NIEO which focused instead on transforming the international investment and trade regimes. This essay argues that the Third World countries were largely correct in their analysis of the limits of human rights. It draws upon insights of the NIEO experience to suggest why, in more recent times, human rights have largely failed to address Continue reading → Continue reading →

Legal Aspects of the New International Economic Order

The complaint of the poor nations against the present state is not only that we are poor both in absolute and relative terms and in comparison with the rich nations. It is also that within the existing structures of economic interaction we must remain poor, and get relatively poorer, whatever we do … The demand for a New International Economic Order is a way of saying that the poor nations must be enabled to develop themselves according to their own interests, and to benefit from Continue reading → Continue reading →