Congratulations to Katherine Lebow

We’re thrilled to learn that Katherine Lebow is the winner of the Polish Studies Association’s Aquila Polonica Prize for 2013 for her article “The Conscience of the Skin: Interwar Autobiography and Social Rights” (Humanity 3:3 [Winter 2012]: 297-319).  According to the prize citation, “Lebow has recovered an immensely significant yet almost entirely neglected set of sources, viewing them through a complex analytical lens of social rights and achieving thereby the rare feat of illuminating both the sources themselves and the lens through which they are viewed. Combining the interpretive skills of historian and textual critic, in her elegantly written article Lebow directs the attention of human rights theorists to the voices of working class Poles in the interwar years and to the meanings inherent in both the collection and the casual neglect of their writings. By publishing ‘The Conscience of the Skin’ in an interdisciplinary, transnational journal of human rights scholarship, Lebow clearly demonstrates that the study of Polish subjects can be of the broadest interest across the disciplines both within and beyond the spheres of Polish Studies.” Congrats Kate!

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