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Sharif Youssef is a JD candidate at the University of Toronto. His book project, "The Actuarial Form,'' is about how risk and associated notions such as information, incentive, and influence grew out of a confluence of new eighteenth-century genres, such as the novel, political economy, scientific empiricism, and rational theology. He has edited a special issue of Modern Language Quarterly on inevitability and is editing an anthology entitled The Hostile Takeover: Human Rights after Corporate Personhood.

Necessary Decisions

In 2008, the Nigerian police twice arrested twenty-six-year-old Ugochukwu Chinoso Nwanebu. A peaceful activist, Nwanebu was, like other Igbo secessionists, profiled and persecuted by Nigerian police via systematic torture and assassination. The first time that Nwanebu was arrested, he was tortured. The second time, he was tortured and released; however, he was released only so that police could hunt and kill him for sport. Nwanebu managed to escape and find his way to a relative’s home. Knowing that the police would find him if he Continue reading → Continue reading →