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Neve Gordon is Professor of International Law at Queen Mary University of London. He is the author of Israel’s Occupation (UCP 2008) and the co-author (with Nicola Perugini) of The Human Right to Dominate (OUP 2015). Perugini and Gordon are working on a new book, Human Shields. A Political and Legal History (University of California Press, forthcoming).

The global war on migration, human shields, and the erosion of the civilian

This post is part of a series on politics in the face of death. For an introduction and links to the other posts, please see here. From the Mediterranean Sea to the US-Mexico border and all the way to the Australian coast line, for some years now states have been deploying military forces to arrest migration and refugee flows. In several countries, the humanitarian approach used to manage the influx of migrants has been increasingly combined with a military one, with some governments waging a Continue reading →