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Emma Stone Mackinnon is a junior research fellow at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge. She received a doctorate in political science from the University of Chicago in 2017. Her contribution to Humanity is part of a larger book project on the legacies of the French and American rights declarations in the mid-twentieth-century politics of race and empire.

Promise-Making and the History of Human Rights: Reading Arendt with Danto

Dear Mr. President: This is to draw attention to the cases of a group of colleagues of ours, historians well known in the academic community, all of whom are now in prison . . . Every scholar has a vested interest in this matter. Faithfully, Hannah Arendt (Letter to Augusto Pinochet, November 27, 1974, writing at the urging of an Amnesty International chapter in Brussels)1 Dear Dr. Kissinger: We noted with pleasure the implication in your conversation with Mr. Moyers that you are actively intervening Continue reading → Continue reading →